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At GSC Custom Home Construction service is a fundamental element to designing and building your dream custom home. Much like a foundation is to a home, we believe that our quality service is the foundation to our relationship with you. From the initial introduction until we hand you the keys and beyond, we pride ourselves on the service we consistently provide. Here are some of the key services that we provide:


From the first time we meet we will listen attentively to all your ideas, desires, needs and requirements and work with you as a team to design and build you everything you expect. We will provide you with as much or as little consultation as required to make this a stress free and enjoyable process.


GSC Custom Home Construction understands that planning and organizing are fundamental activities required to deliver your home without surprises. This allows us to forecast and prepare for scenarios and provides us the opportunity to react to them in a timely manner.


GSC Custom Home Construction will work together with you to design and deliver your perfect custom dream home. Consideration will be given to function, materials, aesthetic, cost and other variables to ensure the design is exactly what you want. We understand that design requires change so we work with you fine tuning your custom dream home until it is perfect for you.

Project Management:

With GSC Custom Home Construction’s many years of experience we truly know the value of excellent project management and strive to be leaders in this discipline. By properly initiating, planning, controlling, executing and scrutinizing all the work performed, it allows our team to produce high a quality product to meet the high standards that you should expect. Here are a few key project management tasks that we perform:

  • Design
  • Permits
  • Materials
  • Trades
  • Finishing
  • Quality Assurance

Turnkey vs. Contract Management home building projects:

  • Turnkey
    A turnkey home is a home that is financed and built by the builder and the buyer doesn’t own the home until the final payments have been made by the bank or purchaser to the builder. This typically happens when the builder owns the lot that they are developing on. Even though some turnkey builders limit the involvement of their clients, GSC Custom Home Construction treats every build as a team project with their clients.
  • Contract Management
    A contract management build is a home build project that is financed through the client and their bank, where funds are released as different phases of the project are completed. This typically happens when the client owns the property and has hired the custom home developer to manage the build.


GSC Custom Home Construction guarantees quality in all of our custom homes. Should something seem to not be right, we strive to make it right.


GSC Custom Home Construction will work with your existing home to revitalize and transform it to meet your current and future needs and desires.

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